The PS4 Holy Ground




The promotion was for 31 days. I gave everyone a 14 day head start. Only 8 people got more points than me in the end. I’M SO BALLER LIKE!

Everyone wants to know how much I lost, what did the PS4 cost me. I was conscious about not posting results during other updates as I was aware they would be swingy. I was winning 1.2k after 3 days, then dwindled down to BE and then to -£500 for a period, the day before the end of the promotion I was up £200. It came to rest at a final loss of 550 quid on the tables. I wasn’t expecting to lose, and wish I had ended up with a positive winrate over the course of the month, but it was not to be. So why did I lose?

1. Too many tables. Most of my sessions I was playing 8-14 tables. That’s a lot. On Sky there is no timebank, you have 15 seconds then you’re out. To try and make accurate decisions in this time over so many tables had a real impact on my ability to make +ev decisions obviously. And I timed out of prolly 1k worth of +ev spots :D. A lot of people will believe this is the sole reason why I lost, but I disagree, I think I should still be +ev 14 tabling.
2. Not quitting. A big part of playing profitable poker revolves around you playing when you’re at your best, and quitting when you are not playing well or that you feel you might be tilting. I think i’m particular good at this skill and never usually play when I’m not enjoying it. But for the amount of hours I had to put in, I just had to play even when feeling like I really did not want to. This was escpeically true when the enhanced point hours where running and I could not afford to stop playing.
3. Playing Tired. I work full time, and smashing these hours in every night after work took its toll. It was exhausting to never have a rest time, and definitely damaging  to my decision making skills.
4. Too aggro. In marginal situations I was always taking the loosest option because it meant more points. So when I had close opens and close calls, I’d always elect to take the option which would equal the most points. This equaled a higher variance game and me often not taking the most +ev lines.
5. Unlucky. Everyone ran like absolute God against me, I didn’t have  set in the whole 2 weeks and only flopped a pair twice.

Luckily for me I also recieved 30% rakeback for this month. Which ended up being £970.

So final breakdown is:
Profit/Loss in game: -£550
Rakeback: £970
Playstation bundle worth: ~£400
So I win about £820

£420 and a Playstation bundle. Financially it was worth the 2 weeks commitment. So that’s good. But I think it’s given me more than this. I know the money isn’t too significant of an amount but I’d go as a far as to say that this has been my biggest poker achievement to date (Not that there is a vast amount of them to choose from). The way I intended to do this, planned effectively, committed to the cause, had the determination to battle through, and closed off the deal. Sick achievement. It’s definitely added something to my poker game and probably more important added something to me as a person. I have proved that I can not be written off.

What is next? I’m sure another challenge will be around the corner.

on to the next one


Solving the Problems

Today is a special day.

It will be the day I go from 11th to 10th… hopefully.

going for 10

We are close and I can almost smell the brand new PS4 being pulled out of the packaging and into my arms finally.

This has not been easy to get where I am, it takes a whole bunch of characteristics that luckily just ooze out of me due to over production; Talent, Skill, Patience, Determination, Intelligence, sexiness, Ability to suck out, Ability to win flips,etc. I hear people have dropped out, people are burnt out, people are tired. The can’t continue to grind at this rate,  they can’t even grind at half this rate. Well I pity those people, I could do this for another month, i feel fresh, and refreshed.

“Well, let’s not start sucking eachother’s dicks quite yet” The Wolf, Pulp Fiction


There has been an interesting development, and it has shocked me. The guy in 10th place: u_sud_fold… he started grinding after me this month. He got on the leader board after me this month. I am not concerned, but this means he has grinded at a faster rate than me! He has a higher average points per day than me! He plays MTTs mostly, as far as I can tell anyway, which makes it even more peculiar. I’m impressed with my competitor, and what a valiant effort he has put forward. His days are numbered, however, numbered to 1. Because tomorrow I intend to be in that top 10. I did not expect this to happen, but that does not mean I think it is threatening my PS4. All it is, is a new challenge. And I love that shit.

I’ll leave you with another Pulp Fiction quote:

“Oh man. I shot Marvin in the face”

Replace Marvin with u_sud_fold, and it’s an apt metaphor for what’s gonna go down in the next 24 hours.