Where’s your PS4?

I said I would do it, and done it have do.

So i reached the dizzy heights of 10th.


This was the update from yesterday. On Tuesday I played a lot. I made 2.2k points in a day, with no enhancements. i’d say there must be less than a handful of people who have ever got this many points in a 24 hour period.

During the time i finally found my nemesis u_sud_fold playing omaha. Well that explains why I hadn’t seen him. I sat on the table and I didn’t take him long to say hello.

u_sud_fold: Bonjour Simmy4k

Simmy4k: What table is this? I couldn’t see it on the lobby

Simmy4k: oh its plo
u_sud_fold: so u cant catch me in the ps4 giveaway;-=))))
Simmy4k: :D:D:D:D
Simmy4k: im catching u bro
u_sud_fold: i no i cant play for rest on month now all urs
u_sud_fold: how many oints u got>>>??
Simmy4k: 17.5
Simmy4k: im off for rest of month
u_sud_fold: all urs then, u playing rest of month??
Simmy4k: aye every day
u_sud_fold: all urs i aint got time
u_sud_fold: yeah gutted i can only play little bits for rest of week
Simmy4k: ul, i would have liked the challenge
u_sud_fold: i might b bluffing
Simmy4k: *shrugs. gl if ur bluffing. u will need it 🙂
u_sud_fold:  i will only be playing 1hoour a day so happy to make 18k
Simmy4k: ill have to catch beaneh then for a challenge
Simmy4k: anyway screw omaha, too hard for me
Simmy4k:peace out

I suspect he was bluffing, because he went on to make 1.3k that day, which is still quite a lot. We will see today if he played much yesterday.

As I said to him, I don’t care if he plays or not. I will remain in that 10th spot now i’m there. How intimidating must that feel. I do not care what he does. I got into 10th as predicted. All i need to do now is stay here. I will remain vigilant up to the end. And will continue to play all I can up until midnight on Friday. No one will catch me. I’m still awaiting the update from yesterday’s figures. But people are leaving it late if they plan on staging an attack on my PS4.

Later on tuesday i played quite an interesting hand.




Apologies for those who can’t read Sky Poker Hand Histories. Basically I fold  AA on a QJTTT board following the villain check-raising turn and river.

I felt villain can only have quads here.

1. He 3bs JJ/QQ most of time, and xr on flop most of time if he dosn’t.
2. He dosn’t xr with any Js on turn and very few Qs. The Qs he does x with on turn just bet river themselves, or occaisonally xc.
3. If he is bluffing with xr on turn, he just goes ahead and continues with a bet on river if he wants to. He would never xr river as a bluff imo.

So we put the kid on quads, crazy narrow range. And we’ll never know if we are right? Well i sent hand into Sky Poker TV who showed it, with villains hole cards revealed after the hand. He had T5, bosh! Tikay said that it was a good fold on this occasion but if I was a regular in these games and playing comfortably it should be a call 100% of the time.

Yeh wp Tikay. WHERES YOUR PS4?


Yer you don’t know??? Though so.


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