Sky Poker Blitzkrieg

Its been 2 days since the start of my campaign vs Sky and its grinders of the month. The race to the PS4. The war.

My first day I barely scratched the surface, I did however, make the leader board… just:


Yippie. But seriously me, sitting there. Just in the top 100. Looking up at all those places to beat. And more importantly the fear of those, looking down. I’m only on the horizon you bastards, but i’ll get there.

I was taking stock of what I needed to do. Weighing up my options, figuring out my enemy until the time was right. That time came yesterday


I attacked, my opponents where not as well prepared, as well supplied, they lacked the resources, the skills, the commitment, the determination that I had. I rolled through, NO! I smashed through any sign of resistance. These guys where no match.

Before the onslaught I contacted my good friend and one of Sky’s most proficient grinders Craig ‘Stacker59’ Mcdowell. He told me that on his best day ever he made somewhere between 1.5k and 2k points. I matched this on my first day of battle and made 1800 points.


And also established a much healthier position on the leader board. Those optimistic fellows with their fingers crossed had hoped this would all be a big hype. Well the realisation must have sunken in now, I am here.


I am aware there is a long way to go. Estimates have ranged that it will take between 18k-25k to win this PS4. Regardless of what it is, it will be a big ask. I will not underestimate the task that lies ahead. But my God, what a way to kick this off!

I won’t be able to put days like this down every day. But I shouldn’t need to. The thing is, if you want to hear something really mental, I barely tried. I also did a bunch of work around the house, took dog for walk and cooked dinner for wor lass. Also played 1/2 a season on fifa FUT because I felt as if my time with my xbox was coming to an end. There is more to come, to continue with the bad taste analogy: Poland has fallen. We now shift our plans for Belgium, Holland and France.

We’ll Be In Paris by February


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