Let’s get a PS4

Another year as turned up and i wasn’t feeling the mass opinion of ‘let’s be motivated this year’. That’s what sets me apart you see. I’m different from the crowd and turn my back on usual ways of thinking. That’s why i’m awesome. Especially at poker. So anyway a few days have gone past and we’re on the 12th. And now I am ready to do something extraordinary.

Sky Poker have currently got a promo where the top 10 grinders get a ps4 (It’s not really top 10 of everyone, to make it sound more of a feat we’ll ignore that). Have a look at the leader board at present.

top 10

And currently I have

my prio

So I’ve given them a bit of a head start. But let’s not forget the most important thing here… you can’t write me off. Everyone always does, and I always come out on top. So let’s spin this bad boy. Let’s get the ps4.

So before the grind starts, why the blog? why the need?

Well it’s to publicly humiliate the writeeroffs.


In before Simmy3k comes good as per. Prolly win 2 ps4s. i’ve got so much confidence in this, it’s unhealthy. Prolly higher risk of coronary heart disease, unfortunately I can’t write that off either. BECAUSE I’M UNWRITEOFFABLE.


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